Laying the Turf

Before laying your turf it is imperative that the area has been cleared of any old grass and other debris.  Make sure the ground is not compact – use a spade or hoe to loosen and turn the top  layer of soil.

A good quality top soil will ensure the roots of your turf will take hold and establish themselves to take up the nutrients in the soil for your new lawn to thrive.

On hot days, wait for the ground to cool (don’t use water) before laying your turf.  Once you’ve laid your turf, press it down using a roller.  You want to firm the soil, not compact it, thus creating a smooth even surface.  Get watering straight away.

Measuring the Area

Our Wintergreen Couch is cut into slabs each measuring approximately .5m2.  To ensure you have enough turf for your area, calculate the turf required by measuring the length and width of the area and multiply them to arrive at the square metres you need.

For example, if your area is 20 metres wide and 15 metres long, 20 x 15 = 300 square metres required. If your area is an irregular shape, break it up into sections and calculate the square metres of each section and add them together to arrive at the total square metres you will need of turf Brisbane.


Wait until your lawn is established – around two months – before fertilising. There is no need to fertilise prior to that as we have kept up the fertilisation right up to the time of harvesting. Once you have applied your fertiliser make sure to water sufficiently to activate the fertiliser and to avoid any leaf burn.